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Corporate will be the drug for the problem of not finding the market for the manufactured product, which is among the biggest problems of the entrepreneur and the industrialists all over the world. is the only digital exhibition to be implemented professionally in the world, carrying a normal exhibition area in a digital environment where SMEs and industrial organizations can exhibit their products and promote their businesses. offers the opportunity to visit the virtual fairgrounds in mobile phones, tablets or laptops without any hassle by the visitors anywhere in the world, while corporations have a significant advantage in gaining the trust of their customers by driving their factories 360 degrees in full HD quality, Will show.

At, companies will be able to e-catalog e-catalogs to download, in the form of pdf format, which aims to remove the disadvantages of distances with the help of an interactive meeting that 5 people can talk at the same time.

The portal, which provides the easiness of sending the company's business cards with the QR code, will provide the opportunity to send messages and e-mails to the visitors and will send a message (SMS) to the mobile phone so that the participants can be informed about these messages and e-mails.

The number of lounges (Hall) on will be arranged digitally, bringing the cost of actual transportation, travel, accommodation, food, hostess, stand, promotions and catering to 0. The visitor will have the opportunity to enter the digital stand directly by clicking on the logo of the company on the digital launch. In this regard, the participants will have the opportunity to exhibit their products without any trouble in the digital environment.

Companies will save 99% thanks to '', which is prepared to bring 100 times more visitors in online environment than normal furos. Participants who enter portals with 10% of the money spent on fairs will have the opportunity to exhibit their products with much more cost, with almost 80% of the expenditure being covered by government incentives.

The nettexpo magazine, which will be organized in English, will have a full page with all participants, while the participating companies are aiming to provide the international trade portal '' with gold membership for 6 months and to ensure sustainability in trade. The magazine will be sent to all representative offices and international trade chambers and target firms abroad. This will also contribute to the promotion of companies.

ANNOUNCE ALL THE WORLD 'brand that can be read even at night on the back cover part of over 1000 trailers going abroad will be wondered abroad. '' ads, which will be published not only in Turkey but also in the thematic channels of targeted markets, will announce the privileges offered by the portal to all over the world and also from abroad., which has a virtual presence in the fair, will also actively use social media, which has become the strongest of today's communication tools. The number of visitors and the number of visitors will increase in the target country's social media.

Outdoor advertising areas will be used in Istanbul and Mediterranean Region, where the summer sun begins to slowly feel and the locomotive of Turkish tourism will be used, and public transportation vehicles will be put on. Portal awareness will be increased with the advantage of the MobileWall tools within ''.

Thanks to the unlimited advantages offered by the virtual environment, which have no difference from the normal exhibitions, '', which aims to meet buyers and sellers, will create awareness about portals in trade and industry chambers as well as participating institutions and organizations.